I love sam smith … and I think he is our new Rick Astley. 

obsessed. Ever since La La La. LOVE.

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Loving me some Sam Smith tonight yall

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This sounds just like that Icona Pop I Love It song.

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470 songs 32 hours.

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"The Winky Dinky Ho Cake… hoes gotta eat too."
— Mr Jones, Hollywood Shuffle (1987)
"Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk."
— Beegees, Staying Alive


Do you ever just want to be one of those people that eats healthy, takes all of their supplements and only puts good things into their body? Like, be someone who has fruit as a treat instead of chocolate, or fancy tea instead of a glass of wine.

Are those people even happy?

It’s so far from my reality that I want and don’t want it just as badly all at the same time.

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"Family size" says Oreos. What a jerk. Don’t make assumptions about my life and how many of us are eating you, Oreos.

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The ‘Be Your Own Boss’ Myth

Myth: The path to wealth starts with being your own boss; that way you can choose what to do and when to do it.

Truth: Wealth comes from choosing whom your boss(es) will be.

Even if you own your business you’re still accountable to someone—customers, shareholders, employees, etc.

Instead of being the boss—which can be incredibly lonely—choose people whom you will be accountable to… and then do your best to support those people so they, and you, reach your goals.

To be successful, don’t be self-serving. Be a servant.